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Terms of Reference 

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Complaint Process

A 'consumer' is a person who uses the services provided by the cosmetic professional.

When making a complaint, our members and consumers will both benefit from our simple three stage process to resolve the complaint:

  1. The member will first be given an opportunity to resolve the complaint directly
  2. We will then offer a negotiated resolution service
  3. If needed, we will make a formal decision on the complaint

When making a decision the CRS will consider any terms of business agreed by both parties, all relevant laws and, where appropriate, any code of practice the member has agreed to.

For us to consider a complaint - there is a set of criteria which must be met including:

  1. The cosmetic professional must be a CRS member 
  2. The person making the complaint must show that a formal written complaint was sent to the member within 12 months of the incident relating to the complaint occurring
  3. The person making the complaint allowed the member a minimum of 8 weeks to investigate the complaint and respond
  4. Once the member has provided a final response, which person making the complaint remains unsatisfied with or no response was provided, a complaint can be raised with the CRS within 12 months of the dated the formal letter of complaint was sent to the member. 

For more detailed information on the criteria and our process please see the Conditions of Complaints and Terms of Reference above.

Some important points to note:

Language - complaints are expected to be raised using English. We have a translation service at the bottom of each page of the website which provides a translation of the information on the page in various languages.

Raising complaint - complaints should be raised using our written complaint form. If you have difficulty completing the form then contact us to discuss your requirements which may include obtaining your complaint by oral means if that is appropriate.

Withdrawing from the procedure - consumers can withdraw from the complaints process at any time.

Costs - there is no cost to consumers to raise a complaint with the CRS and direct costs a consumer may incur in advising them on dealing with the complaint will not be awarded by the PRS.

Receiving full complaint file - consumers and members will be informed when we have received the full complaint file, at this point we will attempt an early resolution on the case will proceed to the proposed decision. A final decision on the complaint will be achieved within 90 days of this date unless there are extenuating circumstances of which we will communicate to the parties. 

ADR decision - an early resolution, proposed or final decision will be emailed to the parties with a full explanation on the grounds considered in coming to the resolution or decision.

Consumers must note that the result of our complaint procedure may differ from an outcome received at court and the consumer should take their own advice on this point before deciding whether to use our process or issue a court claim.

Time limits are in place to allow us to deal with complaints fairly and they are recognised as reasonable under the Arbitration Act 1996.



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